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Clear Water Prowash is the most trusted and reliable, Female  owned and operated power washing services company in and around Columbus, Ohio. With over 20 years experience, Clear Water Prowash provides Columbus with superior pressure washing services, products and brands. The power washing specialists are equipped with the required training, skills and experience needed to diagnose and resolve stain issues, paver patio maintenance issues, graffiti and rust removal.

Working with both residential and commercial property owners, Clear Water Prowash is there to provide house washing, concrete cleaning, concrete sealing, paver patio minor repair, paver patio cleaning, paver patio joint sanding, paver patio sealing, paver patio maintenance & restoration, graffiti removal, rust removal  and many other services in and around Columbus.

With our skilled team of exterior cleaning specialists, you never have to settle for anything less than perfect. Reach out to Clear Water Prowash to get answers, discuss options, and get quotes for all your pressure washing, power washing and soft washing services in Columbus.

From exterior house washing, routine maintenance, concrete cleaning to paver patio cleaning, we have all of your exterior cleaning services and repair needs covered. Contact our Columbus, Ohio specialists 24/7 for the best power washing service, and paver patio maintenance services (614) 425-9395

If you’ve been searching for “pressure washing companies near me” for your house washing, concrete cleaning, paver patio cleaning, paver patio repair, joint sanding,  sealing or deck cleaning service in Franklin County, look no further than Clear Water Prowash.

We offer:
  • Uniformed professional,  expertly trained/certified exterior cleaning & paver patio restoration specialists
  • Hassle free process
  • Residential power washing services
  • Paver patio minor repair, cleaning, joint sanding, sealing and maintenance plans for our restoration clients
  • Commercial power washing services
  • Reliability
  • unctuality
    Google review – Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

    I would give Brenda and her crew 10 stars if I could. She has refurbished two patios for me (previous house and current house). Each time she took a mossy, gross patio and transformed it into a pleasant, peaceful place that you want to spend time in. She cleaned, sanded and sealed the front front walk and patio of our current house. She is a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff. Let her help you out- believe me, she will do a better job than you ever could with a power washer. The results last for years- at our last house the patio looked new for 2-3 years after she treated it. I can’t recommend Clear Water Prowash highly enough.

    Greg Hymrod

    Google review – Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    This is the second time I have used Clear Water Prowash and once again Brenda did a great job! We had the house washed and a small wood deck cleaned. The deck came out awesome and looks brand new! I wish I had a before picture but I can tell you for a 15 year old deck the difference is night and day.

    The house looks fantastic and acutally smells clean. Top notch work and the customer service is outstanding! Customer for life!

    Thanks Brenda and Clear Water Prowash

    Service: Power/pressure washing
power washing, pressure washing, paver patio cleaning, joint sanding, sealing, maintenance near Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas

Green algae and mildew not only reduce the curb appeal of your property it reduces the local neighborhood resale values. Dirty concrete is not just dirty.  It is a combination of algae, mildew, dirt, oils from mother nature.  Concrete which is dark and dingy can be a slip and fall hazard when wet.  Fortunately the exterior cleaning specialists at Clear Water Prowash are there  to provide the best and highest quality power washing and paver patio maintenance in and around Columbus, Oh.

While researching power washing companies, you may have come across articles detailing how to pressure wash on your own, however it is highly recommended to leave this project to the professionals to prevent the high risk injuries associated with doing so.

The power washing specialists at Clear Water Prowash have the experience, skills, equipment, and training to provide the safest and most reliable pressure washing services in and around Columbus, Oh..

Paver Patio Maintenance Service Columbus Ohio

Clear Water Prowash is a household name in and around Columbus. With over 20 years experience, Clear Water Prowash and our sister division Deck Escapes Staining and Beyond has worked with a variety of residential and commercial property owners to provide a wide variety of superior pressure washing and paver patio services. Whether it is paver patio repair, paver patio cleaning, paver patio joint sanding, paver patio sealing or any other power washing service, Clear Water Prowash is there to get the job done right.

Paver Patio Minor Repair Columbus

The Paver patio specialists at Clear Water Prowash have the training and experience to quickly diagnose and repair a wide variety of paver patio issues. Offering paver patio repairs options and solutions, Clear Water Prowash  (Deck Escapes Staining & Beyond) is the trusted choice.

Paver Patio Cleaning Columbus

When Mother Nature calls, Clear Water Prowash is here to clean the algae, mildew, moss and more. It’s our priority to provide the highest quality paver patio cleaning around. Clear Water Prowash is dedicated to providing Columbus with the best residential and commercial power washing services.

Paver Patio Joint Sanding Columbus

Weeds and moss are of the most common issues we receive calls on. Often we get calls explaining weeds are over taking the patio, has become a non stop hassle trying to control, dips needing repaired or is simply no longer pretty. When this occurs it is important to reach out to the paver patio specialist at Clear Water Prowash (Deck Escapes Staining & Beyond) for a full restoration and maintenance. At Clear Water Prowash we we walk you through every option, providing you with different joint sand color selections. Our team of expert are highly trained and can often have your paver patio  beautifully restored in our one week process. If you are experiencing weeds, moss, dirty or unhappy with the paver patio look, no need to stress, reach out to the specialists at Clear Water Prowash to have your paver patio restored back to its’ natural glory.

Paver Patio Sealing

With our focus on providing exceptional customer service, Clear Water Prowash has consistently delivered the best and most reliable pressure washing and paver patio maintenance in and around Columbus, Oh.

As paver patio restoration experts, we have the training, equipment, high quality products and experience needed to provide the  most reliable paver patio restorations in the area. At Clear Water Prowash we we walk you through every option, providing you with different sand color selections and sealer sheen to exceed the best paver patio maintenance services around.

Call Clear Water Prowash – For All Your PAVER PATIO RESTORATION NEEDS!
(614)425-9395  or fill out our request contact form.

Paver Patio Maintenance Plans


Paver Patio in need of repair, pressure washing, joint sanding & sealing

Stunning After Results

Clear Water Prowash works with commercial and residential property owners to bring a hassle free paver patio maintenance experience. Maintaining paver patios not only is more attractive, it is much more economical. Changing your vehicles oil frequently is much more cost effective than replacing the engine due to lack of maintenance, right? The same is true for paver patio maintenance.  Patios are expensive!  Why not allow our specialists at Clear Water Prowash keep you paver patio looking like new!  You can enjoy a beautiful patio just a few steps out your back door, host parties, make memories with your kids and pets, attract and sustain clients in Columbus. We not only offer paver patio makeovers, we help build relationships.  With more than 20 years experience, Clear Water Prowash has the skills and experience to provide services on a wide variety of paver patios including:

  • Paver Patio Minor Repairs
  • Paver Patio Light Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Paver Patio Deep Cleaning by Power Washing and Algaecides
  • Paver Patio Joint Sanding
  • Paver Patio Sealing
  • Paver Patio Restorations & Maintenance
  • Maintenance Tips
  • Convenience
  • Professionalism & Polite
  • Uniformed
  • Communication
  • Knowledge

Working with the best paver patio specialists in Columbus, the Clear Water Prowash paver patio technicians offers the top service, power washing, repairs and maintenance for your outdoor escape.

Concrete Cleaning & Pressure Washingconcrete-cleaning-pressure-wash-power-columbus-westerville-powell-delaware-dublin-jerome village-upper arlington-new albany-bexley-grove city-blacklick-pickerington-hilliardl-lewis center

Whether you’re looking to update your curb appeal, residential/ commercial pool opening or selling your home and are needing a pressure washing company service near by, Clear Water Prowash has the services to exceed your expectations.  Our network of home staging companies and realtors are amazed at how white Clear Water Prowash gets the concrete clean.  Read more of our reviews here:

Not all power washing cleaning techniques are the same or get the same results as our specialists at Clear Water Prowash.  Why?  It is NOT ALL ABOUT PRESSURE.  We utilize different techniques and cleaning solutions taught to us through our mentors, pressure washing schools, academies and training events. Continual education is key to providing the best service to our clients in the Columbus, Ohio surrounding areas.  Certifications of the ALL the services we offer are important to us at Clear Water Prowash and our Columbus clients.  You expect the best and we deliver the highest quality services you are searching for.

Call Clear Water Prowash Today For All Your Pressure Washing Service Needs! (614)425-9395

House Washing Columbus

Discover Clear Water Prowash gentle soft washing techniques, property protection such as electrical or landscape preventive care, detailed exterior cleaning, professional uniformed team members and excellent communication skills.  Our team provides a gentle cleaning process with low pressure and algaecides to kill the algae, mildew and other organics on your property.  Not only do we clean your home, we detail it !!!pressure+power+wash+columbus+ohio+houseSome of the extra steps we do to clean & protect your home:

  • Sealing electrical components                                                                           
  • Protecting outdoor hardware, lights and fans with plastic and various tapes 
  • Covering tender plants with  breathable tarps                                               
  • Removing the grey haze on gutters and window frames
  • Hand wiping outdoor lights                                                                               
  • Removing cobwebs and spider nests
  • Water landscaping before, during & after the exterior cleaning                 
  • Add a window cleaner to our  algaecide cleaning agents

This makes us not only the premiere house washing company near Columbus, Oh but your exceptional detailing  exterior cleaning company in Columbus Ohio.

High Pressure Washing VS. Low Pressure Soft Washing

Water and high pressure alone can cause severe property damage, blotchy appearance, paint removal, dangerous working areas,  injury and it just moves the organics. It does not result in a good longevity of exterior cleaning.  Our exterior house washing generally lasts for 2-5 years depending on Mother Nature.  A standard high power washing last 6 months to maybe a year in general.  Get more bang for your hard earned money with our certified cleaning technicians at Clear Water Prowash.  Your residential and commercial property management team is here to provide you with the expert service you are searching for near Columbus, Oh.  Clear Water Prowash  provides Columbus and surrounding areas with vast knowledge and training  to complete your next gentle house washing or exterior cleaning  project.  We specialize in cleaning all types of siding such as:

  • Vinyl
  • James Hardie Board
  • Stucco
  • Eifs
  • Brick
  • Stone & Mortar
  • Wood

Deck, Fence and Dock Cleaning ColumbusDeck+cleaning+fence+pressure+washing+restoration+maintenance+power+columbus+westerville+powell+dublin+lewis center+new albany+Bexley+upper arlington+Worthington+jerome village+delaware

Wood, vinyl and composite structures can become covered in green algae, mildew, organics.  Your trusted pressure washing technicians at Clear Water Prowash and our sister division Deck Escapes Staining and Beyond are happy to restore your outdoor structures.

Wood cleaning and pressure washing Columbus

Through years of experience, knowledge and advanced training we will restore the wood to its’ natural beauty gently.  Many companies blast the wood by high pressure washing and or apply a strong cleaner which if not applied correctly can cause severe damage.  Clear Water Prowash applies specific cleaners for your outdoor living areas.  You will receive years of experience through our calculated surface and deep root cleaners.  Low to medium pressure will be used to gently remove the algae, mildew, UV damage and other organics without scaring the wood.  A second wood treatment will be applied.  This allows the PH of the wood to be correct.  This also allows for a better wood staining experience & expectation. Your deck, fence or boat dock can become a safety issue due to splinters and a potentially slick surface. Pressure washing is not enough to take care of the problem.  Restore the wood by our certified company Clear Water Prowash in Columbus, Ohio.

Vinyl Fence Cleaning Columbusvinyl-fence-cleaning-power-pressure-wash-columbus-oh

Vinyl fencing can be overcome with green algae and mildew.  Over time it can become oxidized and chalky.  Clear Water Prowash uses an algaecide and low pressure also known as soft washing to bring the radiance of your fence back.  High pressure washing can cause damage and remove the coating causing the fence to be dull.  Oxidation is caused by UV rays.  Our experienced technicians at Clear Water Prowash can remove the oxidation through a restoration process . Black tire marks from lawnmowers can also be a slight eyesore. Clear Water Prowash has the solution to remove many stains. Do you want to bring back the glory of your vinyl fence?  Call Clear Water Prowash for your vinyl fence cleaning (614) 425-9395

Composite Deck Cleaning and soft Washingcomposite-deck-cleaning-pressure-wash-power-columbus-jerome village-dublin-hilliard-delaware-powell=westerville-new albany-bexley-upper arlington-pickerington-blacklick-grove city

Did you know you can permanently damage your composite deck if the wrong cleaners or too of pressure is applied?  Not all composites are created equal.  They all need different cleaners and the process can be different too.  Store bought products could harm the deck. Clear Water Prowash has a vast knowledge base of approved composite cleaning agents and how to apply.  Pressure washing can void your warranty.  Clear Water Prowash looks to the manufactures recommendations to fulfill the correct way to remove green algae, mildew, organics and debris.  Composites have gone through many generations of materials.  What is the proven cleaner of years old decking can be quit different than todays decking.  Don’t just let anyone “pressure wash your deck”.

Wood, composite and vinyl surfaces require proper techniques and cleaning agents to keep them looking outstanding. Pressure washing can severely cause damage which is why we use trusted industry standards to clean and brighten your structures. This is where our power washing expertise comes in. Proper cleaning will remove green/black algae, mildew, moss, dirt and graying wood fibers. The brightening process will neutralize the wood to the correct PH for staining, remove tannin bleed, erase most nail or screw stains and restore to its’ natural color. Since 2000 we here at Clear Water Prowash and our sister division Deck Escapes Staining & Beyond have become the go to company in wood restoration and staining. Work with the deck cleaning services you deserve—call today.

As a certified and highly rated pressure washing company we only provide a high standard of protection for our clients.

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workmans Compensation Insurance
  • Extensive Training
  • Wear Protective Gear
  • Certified through the most ELITE pressure washing schools and training events  across the nation

pressure+ washing+schoolpower+washing+school+Doug+Rucker

Clear Water Prowash  serves residential and commercial property owners with custom pressure washing, soft washing, paver patio cleaning / repair / joint sanding / sealing, graffiti & rust removal services in Columbus. If traditional customer service doesn’t meet your needs, reach out to the exterior cleaning and  paver patio specialists to walk you through the process of customizing your next exterior cleaning project. No need to settle for anything less than your expectations, Clear Water Prowash works with you to choose services that best fit your lifestyle, wants, and needs of your project. Some of these features include:

  • Listening to the client expectations
  • Promptness
  • Providing options of services, joint sand & sealers
  • Hassle free
  • Service package bundling discounts
  • Maintenance plans for house washing, paver patios and concrete cleaning

Read what some of our clients have to say about Clear Water Prowash on Google, Angies List, Facebook and more. 

Google link:

Compliment your commercial or residential property with the perfect power washing and exterior cleaning company experience with Clear Water Prowash

We proudly serve communities in and around Columbus, Ohio.

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We offer many services to tailor fit your requirements. We will provide a pre-clean inspection with you and a final inspection which have exceeded many of our client’s expectations. 

Clear Water Prowash is a locally owned & operated in Columbus, Ohio.  We cater to residential, HOA, luxury homes and commercial properties in the Columbus and surrounding areas.

You can feel confident with our expert knowledge, experience, continued education and state of the art equipment. Don't take our word for it. See what our past clients have to say about our services.

Our system provides a longer lasting clean.  This is why we offer a warranty that exceeds our competition. If you have any questions about our services or if you need a price quote - contact us here today.