Your home is one of your biggest investments, and it is our goal to protect that. We use the most cutting edge techniques in house washing, allowing us to clean residential properties up to three stories tall. Our state of the art equipment, combined with our eco-friendly products, are specially formulated to get the job done with industry national standards. Hands down, soft washing vs. pressure washing / power washing provides the ultimate safest clean. This process is aimed to ease your mind. Taking care of your home like it is our own, we never lean ladders against your gutters preventing gutter damage, no window seals broken or screen damage due to high pressure and ensure to take extra precautions that your landscaping is protected too.

Homes with green algae, mildew, lichen, moss and dirt are not only killing your curb appeal, they can cause health issues too. These organisms are trespassing in and around your home. They are brought inside by your shoes, pets or simply by an open window. At Clear Water Prowash, we not only clean your home’s exterior, we sanitize it! Our specialized cleaning agents destroy these allergens at the root making your home shine like never before.

Power and pressure washing only spread the infestation and contamination, instead of killing it on your home’s exterior. Does your house have oxidation?  High-pressure can also cause severe damage by leaving “wand marks” in the oxidation.  This is a costly restoration to repair.  Our soft washing/non-pressure cleaning provides a gentle application of our exclusive blend of cleaning and sanitizing agents which turn into salt within just 48-hours after their application. Green algae, black mold, mildew, and dirt are defenseless against our state of the art process. We specialize in safely cleaning vinyl, Dryvit, Eifs, James Hardie, stucco, brick, stone, and more.  We follow manufacturing recommendations.

*Artillery fungus/spores: unfortunately, there is no remedy to removing these black dots other than replacing the siding. The spores are from shredded mulch. Bark mulch is a better alternative.  You may learn more here.

Additional Upgrades

Gutter Brightening:

Gutter brightening is the “icing on the cake” when it comes to exterior house washing. Yes, our basic no-pressure cleaning does provide a deep clean, but aluminum needs agitation for an optimal brightening. Moss, lichen, and black streaks also known as electrostatic bonding, need more effort to remove. Black streaks are the most difficult of all. Electrostatic bonding is when the contaminants adhere and bond to the gutters surface. Over time it is impossible to remove leaving your gutters lackluster. Painting is the only solution other than replacement.

Detailing your home can have a dramatic effect on its’ curb appeal. Not including this option is similar to hand washing a car but not washing its’ chrome rims. We apply a specifically designed gutter and soffit cleaner using a soft brush and rinse. With our gutter cleaning, we take care of everything from the soffits to the downspouts that frame your home.

House wax:

House wax leaves behind a microscopic film of conditioning polymer. It repels all atmospheric fall out including acid rain. Does it last forever? No.  It is very similar to when you go to a car wash and add the premium wax option.

Our house washing, pressure washing, power washing, soft washing and exterior cleaning services help get your home and property back to its original beauty. Call today for power washing, gutter cleaning, and more!  614-425-9395