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Your Most Trusted Power Washing & Pressure Washing Company In Galloway, Ohio                                                                                                             

When you’re on the hunt for a professional power washing or pressure washing service you can trust for all of your various exterior cleaning service needs, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Clear Water Prowash, we’re the premier exterior cleaners serving the Galloway area. Our team of skilled & certified technicians would be happy to assist you with any and all of your property exterior cleaning service needs.

Are you looking for a professional Galloway power washing or pressure washing company you can trust to provide you with the various exterior cleaning services you need for your home, school, church or business? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us show you the kind of quality results that have helped make us the most trusted name in exterior cleaning services the area has to offer.

At Clear Water Prowash, we understand the importance of  a quality power washing service.  Cleanly areas to relax and enjoy are part of family’s daily lives and employees break areas to unwind, which is why we offer a comprehensive lineup of high-quality services to help you address any issues that Mother Nature has created. Whether you’re in need of a house washing, building power washed, concrete cleaning, or paver patio maintenance, you can count on our team of skilled & certified professionals to get the job done right. If you have any questions about our full line of high-quality power washing services, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, give us a call today. Our team of experts are here for you and would be happy to assist you in any way we are able.

Residential Exterior Cleaning Services offered:

  • Exterior House washing-House siding material options have changed over the years. For a time, aluminum siding was a pretty standard siding found in many homes. However, time and intervention has given the homeowner & building contractor many options. No matter if your Galloway home or business is constructed with aluminum, vinyl, James Hardie Board, brick, stone, stucco, Eifs or one of the many siding options out there Clear Water Prowash has the training & knowledge to safely remove the algea, mildew, organics, rust, paint and oils you desire to be removed. Most instances we use what is referred to as soft washing.  Soft washing is a low pressure application of our algaecide.  The algaecide kills the algae, mildew, moss and other organics on surfaces. The pressure is just a bit stronger than a garden hose output strength.  Water alone will not kill these organics.  Water simply just moves it around causing to grow back much sooner.  Many times the same year it was cleaned.  Not with our system and techniques. We have been trained & certified by many of the most elite power washing and pressure washing schools/instructors in the country such as Spray Wash Academy.   Your trusted, local Galloway power washing business Clear Water Prowash is here to help with your exterior cleaning needs.  After all, your home or business is one of the largest investments you can make.  Call the company who cares about you and your property.
  • Select Roof Cleaning– Your roof is an integral part of your home or business.  The black streaks are more than the curb appeal image.  It is a bacteria eating the limestone in your shingles. Black stained roofs cause excessive heating in the home, ages the petroleum base and dries out the shingles. Moss keeps the shingles moist.  Think of what is happening underneath the moss. These issues are costing you money! Many times we at Clear Water Prowash can provide INSTANT curb appeal by allowing us to provide our gentle application roof cleaning services.
  • Concrete Cleaning– As a responsible business or homeowner, you want to be sure your Galloway home or business is prepared for any potential trip or fall hazards. When walking surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, common areas or parking lots are allowed to become black it can cause severe fall  injuries when the surface becomes wet.  The black areas are algae, mildew and other organics. It is not just ugly. Keeping concrete surfaces clean helps alleviate potential risks. Concrete and stone patio paver sealing is offered at Clear Water Prowash.  Our team has been trained by many knowledgeable instructors and the top patio paver sealer manufactures in the country such as SEK Surebond & Trident. We have offered concrete and paver patio sealing since 2000 in the Galloway area. Trust the company with experience.
  • Stone patio paver cleaning, sealing, repair, maintenance and restoration– Landscaping walls and paver patios are beautiful if they are cleaned, restored and maintained.  Unsightly and slippery if not. We can not explain the smiles from our clients and how our hearts feel when our clients see their new patio paver restoration and landscape walls cleaned with our restoration process.  We have provided them with a safe, enjoyable outdoor space for them and their family to share new memories.  Clear Water Prowash offers cleaning, joint sanding & paver sealing.  Maintenance plans available.  Paver patios are an  expensive install.  Our goal is to keep them looking at their best! We know time flies by and sometimes paver patio maintenance becomes neglected or frustrating to control the weeds. Clear Water Prowash is here to restore and beautify your outdoor living space, offer extensive knowledge to teach you how easy it is for you to maintain and offer our maintenance plans.   Our team has been trained by many highly rated instructors and the top patio paver sealer manufactures in the country. We have offered concrete and paver patio sealing since 2000 in the Galloway, Oh area. Trust the company with experience.
  • Deck and Fence cleaning– We clean wood, vinyl and composite decks and fences.  Each of these needs to be cleaned differently.  Pressure washing or power washing is not always the correct answer. Most times it is not. Clear Water Prowash has been trained for wood restoration by a committee member of the Forest Products Laboratory. He also has been a manufacturer advisor of non wood outdoor decking and fence materials.  We look to always improve our knowledge through educational resources.  Our processes vary depending on the cleaning to be completed.  Call Clear Water Prowash for your outdoor structure cleaning 614-425-9395.
  • Rust and Graffiti removal –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rust stains are unsightly and deter from your property’s curb appeal, but rust cannot be removed by power washing alone. Store bought rust removers may reduce the stained surface, but they rarely remove rust completely.  Many removers on the market today contain dangerous acids which eat the concrete. This can etch and discolor your concrete leaving you with permanent damage. Think how harmful this can be to you. The professional grade product we use can safely remove rust, battery acid stains, irrigation stains, and efflorescence.  We are your local Galloway official authorized Front 9 Restoration company.
  • Graffiti can decrease property values. Clear Water Prowash specializes in removing this type of unsightly vandalism on many surfaces. It is not only an eyesore on a commercial or residential property but, it can affect the entire neighborhood. Spray paint is the most common and the most difficult to remove. We can safely remove graffiti applied with spray paint. Our process allows us to NOT damage the surfaces below the graffiti by using high pressure.  Pressure washing or power washing may cause permanent etching  due to high of pressure. We offer our graffiti removal services to residents and business owners in Galloway, Ohio and the surrounding areas.
  • Commercial Exterior Cleaning– Client retention and a professional image is a business lifeline. The cleaner your business looks, the more traffic you will draw inside. Whether you own or are the property management company for a dental clinic, real estate office, health care facility, apartment complex, condominium or a financial institution, providing a clean and safe environment is appealing to your clients. Here at Clear Water Prowash we provide you with a hassle free thorough exterior clean from top to bottom through our professional power washing, pressure washing and soft washing services. If you are located in or around Galloway, Ohio we are near you!  We are your local, dependable family owned pressure washing company.

We offer various types of services when it comes to exterior cleaning. We specialized in paver patio maintenance & minor repairs, difficult to remove stains, rust, graffiti or specialty surface cleaning in the Galloway area to satisfy our client’s unique needs and ensure their happiness with our work. 

We also offer power washing and pressure washing services for your Galloway home , business, apartment complex, school and more. Please look at our exterior cleaning services for further information. Specialty services include:

  • Curb appeal – If you’re one of the many Galloway homeowners out there looking to brighten up your home’s outdoor areas, having your house gently soft washed and concrete cleaned can be an excellent way to do so.
  • Outdoor living space– You can never have too many areas to relax and unwind near Galloway.  What better place than a few steps out your back door? For those homeowners out there looking for ways to enhance the entertaining area and value of their homes, cleaning and restoring your stone paver patio can be a significant first step.
  • Deck and Fence cleaning – A light cleaning can be an excellent alternative to a slippery and dark organic infested surface. Here at Clear Water Prowash, our team of reliable Galloway certified technicians would be happy to explain to you the many ways it could benefit your property.
  • Roof cleaning– Anytime you see black streaks, moss or lichen on a roof it’s essentially limiting the life span of that roof. It is important that you have the name of a local Galloway roof cleaning company you can trust to get the work done safely, accurately, caring and apply plant protection procedures.

A Commercial Power Washing & Pressure Washing Business Can Keep Your Galloway, OH Commercial Property’s Clean and Visually Appealing

Suppose you’re one of the many Galloway business owners out there searching for an expert commercial power washing or pressure washing company you can trust to help with all your commercial exterior cleaning service needs. In that case, Clear Water Prowash has you covered. As the premier professional Galloway power washing company, our team of skilled commercial exterior cleaners can provide you with the services you need to help keep your business protected from slip & fall hazards, unsightly appearance, more welcoming to clients and running smoothly.  Better curb appeal!

For more information, you can find Clear Water Prowash in Galloway, Oh.   Google Reviews

or you may call us 614-425-9395

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We offer many services to tailor fit your requirements. We will provide a pre-clean inspection with you and a final inspection which have exceeded many of our client’s expectations. 

Clear Water Prowash is a locally owned & operated in Columbus, Ohio.  We cater to residential, HOA, luxury homes and commercial properties in the Columbus and surrounding areas.

You can feel confident with our expert knowledge, experience, continued education and state of the art equipment. Don't take our word for it. See what our past clients have to say about our services.

Our system provides a longer lasting clean.  This is why we offer a warranty that exceeds our competition. If you have any questions about our services or if you need a price quote - contact us here today.