Exterior house washing:

Your home is one of your biggest investments, and it is our goal to protect that. We use the most cutting edge techniques that allow for us to clean residential properties up to three stories tall, state of the art equipment, Eco-friendly products, and cleaning formulas and national standards. Hands down, soft washing vs. pressure washing provides the ultimate safest clean. This process is aimed to ease your mind. Taking care of your home like it is our own, we never lean ladders against your gutters preventing gutter damage, no window seals broken or screen damage due to high pressure and ensure to take extra precautions that your landscaping is protected too.

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Concrete cleaning & sealing:

Turn your black dirty concrete into a safer, slip-resistant walkway. We not only power wash with a top of the line rotary surface cleaner machine, we use our instant steam hot water system. That’s right! We make our own hot water right on site.

Do you clean your dishes with cold water? Of course, not because hot water lifts away grease and kills bacteria. Our process can lift contaminants, lesson oil stain appearance, give a deep clean while removing mold, mildew, dirt and allergens. We accomplish this by pre-treating with a professional grade concrete cleaner and degreaser without leaving stripes or zigzags like many traditional power washing methods. Our surface cleaner leaves a uniform cleaning pattern at no less than 16” per pass, and our sprayer also uses much less water comparability. That sure beats a 4” traditional spray wand and labor intensiveness!

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Roof cleaning:

Do you want to save money? Black stained roofs cause excessive heating in the home, ages the petroleum base and dries out the shingles. Black streaks are not just ugly; they are eating the limestone off your shingles. That’s right! These guys are called gloeocapsa magma and the environment is providing them with a buffet on your roof, inviting all their friends to the dinner table. This bacterial ecosystem consisting of lichen, algae, black mold, and moss also can cause allergens to be tracked in and around your home. Roof cleaning not only provides an instant curb appeal, but it is the manufacturer’s recommendations to extend the material lifespan.

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Patio paver restoration:

Do your patio pavers look old? Are they covered with moss and filled with weeds? We can resolve this for you.

Sunk or dipping pavers:

Pavers sink due to the sand eroding away underneath the pavers. We re-level your pavers by using a small stone compaction method providing safe walkway. If water does wick below the surface, it will filter through the stone.

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Deck/fence & dock cleaning:

Your deck and fence can become a safety issue due to splinters or a slick surface, and pressure washing is not enough to take care of the problem. Wood and composite decking require proper techniques and cleaning agents to keep looking outstanding. Pressure washing can severely damage wood and composites, which is why we use trusted industry standards to clean and brighten your structures. Proper cleaning will remove mold, mildew, algae, moss, dirt and graying.

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Rust removal:

Rust stains are unsightly and deter from your properties curb appeal, but rust cannot be removed by power washing alone. Store bought rust removers may reduce the stained surface, but they rarely remove rust completely.  Many removers on the market today contain dangerous acids which eat the concrete. This can etch and discolor your concrete leaving you with permanent damage.

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Graffiti removal:

Graffiti is not only unsightly but it can also decrease property values. Clear Water Prowash specialties is removing this type of unsightly vandalism on many surfaces. We can safely remove graffiti applied with spray paint. We will not damage the surfaces below the unsightly vandalism. We offer our graffiti removal services to residents and business owners in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

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Commercial cleaning:

Client retention and a professional image is a business lifeline. The cleaner your business looks, the more traffic you will draw inside. Whether you have a law firm, dentist office, real estate office, health care facility, or a financial institution, providing a clean and safe environment is appealing to your clients. Here at Clear Water Prowash, we provide you with an extreme clean from top to bottom.

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