Oxidation on vinyl or aluminum siding looks like a chalky substance.  It is easy removed by your hands or simply brushing against the surface.  A traditional pressure washer machine may cause severe damage to your property if the operator is not trained properly. Too much pressure or too close to the surface will leave stripes where the water of the wand hit the surface. NOW, you could have permanent damage or at least and expensive repair. YIKES!!!  Oxidation removal is a restoration process which entails professional restoration cleaning agents and is labor intensive.  Our cleaning solution will remove some but not all the oxidation.  The technique we use is called “soft washing”.  Soft washing is a little stronger pressure than a garden hose and can reach 2 1/2 – 3 stories high.  We can demonstrate putting our hand in front of soft washing nozzle with out damage to our skin.  NEVER try this with a high pressure power washer nozzle.  It will cause severe damage to your skin and body!!!  Our methods help from disturbing the oxidation while providing a superior clean safely.  We offer oxidation restoration services but, prefer to save you money and heartache of the expense.