Do your patio pavers look old? Does your landscape stones need cleaned? Are they covered with moss and filled with weeds? We can resolve this for you with our pressure washing maintenance, cleaning and restoration services!

Repair sunk or dipping pavers:

Pavers sink due to the sand eroding away underneath the patio or driveway.  Applying a high quality, proven sealer and joint sand after leveling helps keep water from entering the underlayment sand base. We re-level your pavers by using a small stone compaction method providing a safe walkway. If water does wick below the surface, it will filter through the stone.

Paver patio and landscape stone cleaning:

We not only power wash with a top of the line rotary surface cleaner machine, we use our instant steam hot water system and hardscape cleaners. That’s right! We make our own hot water right on site.  Landscape stones and walls are cleaned with our specialty cleaning agents and light pressure washing or power washing.

Do you clean your dishes with cold water? Of course not, because hot water lifts away grease and kills bacteria. Our process can lift contaminants, lesson oil stain appearance, give a deep clean while removing mildew, dirt, algae, weeds and allergens. Power washing can do what pressure washing is unable to, due to the usage of hot water. We accomplish this by pre-treating with a professional grade concrete cleaner and degreaser without leaving stripes or zigzags like typical power washing wands may. Our surface cleaner leaves a uniform cleaning pattern at no less than 16” per pass, and our sprayer also uses much less water comparatively. That sure beats a 4” traditional spray wand pattern and labor intensiveness!

* Any debris will be bagged and hauled away. Joint sand may be removed during this process.

* Oil stains can be removed to a less visible stain but, may not always be completely removed.

Paver patio sand and joint stabilization:

Your traditional method of sweeping in the sand may not hold your pavers as tightly together versus vibrational compaction. Vibrational compact sanding fills in the paver joints resulting in a tighter bond and more sand than sweeping alone.  We have tried different methods.  Thru our testing, we find compaction delivers a longer lasting result.  We provide our clients with the exact same sand as we applied should you have any weed growth in between the timed fame maintenance plan we offer.

*we offer the best no-hazing sand on the market

*reduces sand wash out

*minimizes paver movement

*inhibits weed growth

*DIY friendly

Paver patio and landscape stone sealing:

Do you want that “wow” factor when your neighbors see your well maintained and restored paver patio? Our concrete and paver sealers give a richness like no other. Although there are a multitude of sealers available today that are less expensive, they can also lead to major problems in a short period of time. Peeling, white stains, non-effective or inferior results are only a few issues that result from using inferior sealants. Our superior product line not only enhances your expensive patio, it protects it from fading, freeze/ thaw issues, staining, wear & tear, moss, mildew, and algae. The added features are joint stabilization, easier to clean, and maintenance is simple.  Cleaning and a maintenance coat is much cheaper if completed every couple of years.  Contact Clear Water Prowash  today to discuss your patio paver maintenance plan.  We make beautiful EASY!