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Why Soft Washing – Blog Article 

What is soft washing and why is it better than pressure washing? 

Soft washing is becoming the preferred method to cleaning many exterior surfaces such as residential house washing, roof cleaning, commercial building cleaning, organic staining and more. Why you ask?


One of the main reasons why so many professional exterior cleaning  companies have switched to soft washing versus pressure washing is due to safety.  The soft washing method involves less risk of cause damage to exterior surfaces such as house siding, roofing shingles, window sills, wood & composite decks, and more. As you may know, pressure washing can be very dangerous and unforgiving when used on delicate surfaces. It has been known to cause damage to wood decks,   removing layers of paint from siding, stucco damage, blowing holes in Efis (polystyrene foam board and fiberglass mesh) and etching limestone. 

Longer Lasting ResultsHouse+wash+me+pressure+services

So how is soft washing different from pressure washing?  Soft washing relies on cleaning solutions or algaecides to do the cleaning rather than a mechanical harsh  cleaning process such as pressure washing or power washing. Algaecides kill the algae and mildew.  Pressure washing just moves the organic materials around.  This in turn allows the algae and mildew to return quicker than the soft wash techniques. This costs you more money in the long run.  Clear Water Prowash prefers soft washing so much is due to the fact that soft washing will keep your exterior surfaces cleaner for much longer. With soft washing, you are actually able to kill the bacteria, mildew, organic growth and algae growing on your house siding or commercial building rather than just removing the top layer that’s visible to the human eye. Yep, the growth is still lingering with a good power washing alone. If you only pressure wash the siding without disinfecting the surface, the algae will grow back much quicker. Pressure washing or power washing usually can be expected to last with in 6 months to a year depending on the area of the country in which you live before growth begins again. Columbus, Ohio and near generally can expect 2-4 years with Clear Water Prowash soft washing methods before needing to wash your home again.  Many of our clients choose to have their house washed more frequently to keep up the maintenance and remove spider webs and such. Soft washing is similar to almost any other type of cleaning like dishes, laundry, hand car washing, etc.. The one thing they all have in common is that a cleaning agent is used to get the absolute best clean possible, gently. Can you imagine eating off a plate sprayed with just water??? Gross! Soft washing is the same way, you will be left with a much cleaner and fresher home when the proper cleaning solutions are used. The neighbors will love you for hiring Clear Water Prowash to detail your home!

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More Efficient

With that being said, not only is soft washing safer and provides longer lasting results than high pressure washing for exterior cleaning, it is also much more efficient. The average time required to soft wash a house is about ¼ as long as it would take to pressure wash a house. This is due to the fact that soft washing a home or building only requires a coat of specialized cleaning agents gently applied to the surface from the ground in most cases. Pressure washing and power washing requires every square inch of the property to be sprayed with high pressure at close range mostly on a ladder. YIKES!  That does not sound safe to me. Because of the efficiency provided through soft washing by our techs at Clear Water Prowash, we are able to take up less of our customer’s time during the day while on their property. This also means that you, neighbors, customers, employees won’t have to hear the motor of a pressure washer running all day long.

Why should Clear Water Prowash soft wash our exterior cleaning project? Experience, great communication, certified, trusted and we CARE.

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