Many homeowners have found green forming on their home.  What is it and what can you do about it?  Though unsightly, it is not a difficult fix and in most cases not expensive to remove.  We do suggest taking into consideration hiring a PROFESSIONAL local power washing company to clean it for you.  A company that offers soft washing may be a better choice.  I’ll explain in a bit.  Some other things to consider are:

  • properly trained / education in the field (yes, there are actual pressure washing schools)
  • certified
  • insured
  • workman’s compensation insurance (this protects you further)
  • professional equipment
  • experienced / how long they have been in business specializing in your type of project
  • awards
  • reviews and how that company responds

Sure many homeowners and business owners have a power washer, right? Do they also know the dangers?

  • High pressure can cause damage to the cleaning surface or the human body
  • Falling off a ladder. How else are you going to clean the tall areas??? (we have a safe way)
  • Debris/rocks damaging windows or hurting neighbors
  • Voiding a homes warranty

What else to consider?

Emergency hospital bills

Loss of time at work which actually pay the bills

THE BIG ONE: time missed playing with your kids or significant other

Is saving a few dollars worth it?

What is this green stuff growing on my house and where does it come from?

Some of you may know the green is algae but, did you know the dark brown color is a type of algae too? The harder moss-like material is called lichen. The algae forms in damp and dark places around the exterior of your home or building. It just doesn’t receive enough sunlight to dry out.  Have you noticed the green and brown spreading? Algae communicates, or a better term is “yells out” to its’ buddies to join in. “There is a buffet over here”  Who else is lurking around your house?    SLUGS!!! GROSS!!! 

Yep, that’s right! Slugs feed off algae, lichen, plants, and other organics. Those strange wiggly designs on your home’s siding are where they were crawling and feasting. Doesn’t that make your home feel all warm and cozy? YUCK

Are your neighbors talking about your home and not in a good way?  Not only does house washing, concrete cleaning, and paver patio cleaning keep your home sparkling for curb appeal it has safety benefits, may help you follow home warranty recommendations, and in some cases prevent the HOA or homeowners association from contacting you.   Algae can permanently stain or damage all different types of house siding.  Have you read your warranty? Many warranties “recommend” frequently washing their product to avoid warranty issues. Examples of a few manufacturer warranties below.

James Hardie warranty: click HERE

Certainteed warranty: click HERE


Clear Water Prowash believes so.  In our opinion, it is more than just pulling up a power washer and hooking a garden hose to the house. It’s dangerous and could lead to other issues if not completed correctly.

  • Knowledge on how to kill algae/bacteria/organics not just spread it around with water pressure
  • How much pressure is really needed to do the job?  FULL BLAST usually is not the answer.
  • Are they certified and properly trained?  Any special awards?
  • Do they offer specialty services such as orange rust removal, oil stain removal, graffiti removal, etc…
  • Proper techniques and safety protocol such as:

-taping and applying plastic to electrical items to help prevent fires

-safety signs or cones to let the neighbors know what is happening

-no ladders are needed in most cases to clean the higher areas


Pressure washing: is a high pressure using COLD WATER

Power washing: is a high pressure using WARM OR HOT WATER

Soft washing: is a VERY LOW PRESSURE just above a garden hose pressure.  You can actually put your hand in front of the nozzle without causing skin damage, unlike the other methods.  This type of exterior cleaning utilizes a cleaning solution to kill the algae and other organics. The cleaning agents are softly washed away along with the algae. Hence the term “soft washing or low-pressure cleaning”.  It doesn’t spread the green around like the other two methods mentioned above.  Look for future articles for a more in-depth comparison.

Whether you own a residential home, commercial business, property management company or any other type of building owner Clear Water Prowash strives to provide a superior service for you and/or your residents.  It’s not just a job to us.  WE LOVE WHAT WE DO FOR YOU!  If you would like to learn more about us, our services provided or schedule an appointment/estimate click the link here or call us at 614-425-9395.

Don’t take our word for it.  Read the many reviews online. We love our clients!