Your deck, fence or boat dock can become a safety issue due to splinters and a potentially slick surface. Pressure washing is not enough to take care of the problem. Wood, composite and vinyl surfaces require proper techniques and cleaning agents to keep them looking outstanding. Pressure washing can severely cause damage which is why we use trusted industry standards to clean and brighten your structures. This is where our power washing expertise comes in. Proper cleaning will remove green/black algae, mildew, moss, dirt and graying wood fibers. The brightening process will neutralize the wood to the correct PH for staining, remove tannin bleed, erase most nail or screw stains and restore to its’ natural color. Since 2000 we here at Clear Water Prowash and our sister division Deck Escapes Staining & Beyond have become the go to company in wood restoration and staining. Work with the deck cleaning services you deserve—call today.