Turn your black and dingy concrete into a safer,cleaner,  slip-resistant walkway. We not only power wash with a top of the line rotary surface cleaner machine, we use our instant steam hot water system. That’s right! We make our own hot water right on site.

Do you clean your dishes with cold water? Of course not, because hot water lifts away grease and kills bacteria. Power washing does what pressure washing can’t, because it adds heated water into the mix. Our process can lift contaminants, lesson oil stain appearance, give a deep clean while removing algae, mildew, dirt and allergens. We accomplish this by pre and post treating with a professional grade concrete cleaner and degreaser without leaving stripes or zigzags as a typical pressure wand may create. Our surface cleaner leaves a uniform cleaning pattern at no less than 16” per pass and our sprayer also uses much less water comparatively. That sure beats a 4” traditional spray wand pattern and the corresponding labor intensity!

* Oil stains can be removed to a less visible stain but, may not always be completely removed.

Concrete sealing:

Once your concrete is deep steamed cleaned, this is the perfect time to have a sealer applied. It provides a barrier from dirt, oil, rust, paint and damaging road salt. Sealing also allows it to be more easily cleaned! Sealing also acts as a defense against water intrusion which can lead to cracking and spalling. Concrete repair, lifting or replacement is an expensive alternative. We offer different options for your waterproofing needs to fit any budget.  Contact us to discuss your needs.  614-425-9395